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We've had Roxy from a puppy of six weeks old. We have had the best years of our lives with Roxy; she is our family princess. Roxy has been to Cornwall, UK on holidays and paddled in the sea. Roxy has run alongside daddy on his mountain bike through forests and woods. Roxy is now nearly 12 years old and had been as fit as a butcher’s dog until these last 6 months, where her arthritis and spinal chord problems have slowly led to her unable to use her hind legs. In the house, she slides around everywhere on wooden floors. We purchased a mobility chair for Roxy and it has enabled her to for walks out now to her favourite parks and trails. The fuss Roxy gets in her mobility chair is unbelievable. She is loving all of it. The mobility chair is a second lease of life for Roxy and has been a blessing.

 - James, Yvette, Blay, Ace
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