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Tex is my beautiful best friend of 9 ½ years. He was given to me as a puppy so I have never been 100% sure what actual breed he is but there would have to be a working dog in there. We have run thousands of kilometers together over the years due to my love of running and the beach and we've barely missed a day. Most days running mornings and night, and active all weekend with me. He has lots of human and dog friends all over the place. So, it was completely heartbreaking and traumatic when Tex had a freak accident running for a ball while I was working away. His spinal cord was swollen with fluid leading to paralysis of his back legs, loss of sensation and ability to walk, run, or jump. As such an active dog, I grieved for him and had no idea what to do when my friend bought Tex a cart with harness and wheels and we haven't looked back. It's been 2 1/2; months and he has adapted so well. He has movement and feeling back in his legs although he cannot hold weight so his future is still unclear. At this stage, though, he is truly happy running in his cart along the beach and into the ocean. Good to see him happy in a difficult time.
 - Nicki
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