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We are Terry and Julie from East Sussex in the UK, and we run our own pet care business. Our beloved black labrador dog, Rowley, didn’t enjoy the best of health, suffering from epilepsy, laryngeal paralysis, generalized arthritis, and hip dysplasia. However, he was a happy dog and had much enjoyment from life even though he was nearly 14. But things got even worse at the end of July 2016 when he suddenly lost the use of his back legs. At first, we feared that we would have to have him put to sleep but the idea of a wheelchair to help him get about and enjoy more independence was worth looking into, just in case he could manage to use it despite his existing elbow problems.

After research, we found Best Friend Mobility wheelchair on Ebay and the price was, we thought, very reasonable. We are not very good at putting together flat pack furniture and so on, but despite our limitations with such things we found the wheelchair not too much trouble to construct.

The first use of the chair was challenging for us all, poor Rowley could not understand what was happening. But he soon got the hang of it and had a bit of a walk, encouraged by some biscuits. On second use he was raring to go, taking off to race down the garden before we had a chance to strap him in! He knew exactly what it was for and got very excited when we got out the wheelchair, knowing he could decide where to walk himself when using it rather than having to go where we carried him. It gave him freedom and independence.

 - Terry and Julie
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