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Shaggy was hit by a car or stepped on by a cow while he was with his previous owners 6 years ago. Their lifestyle made Shaggy’s world to be known in a kennel all day and night. He got out a few nights they were home, pulled himself around on carpet and grass outside—an uncomfortable /unhealthy situation for Shaggy. We adopted Shaggy 6 weeks ago. 4 days into his stay, my husband found his wheelchair. We strapped him in and off he went like he has had wheels all his life. No more sores on legs and belly, and grins all the time! He now cruises with the dogs, and cats love him. We didn’t know he could wag his tail nor move parts of his legs! We believe this chair is the start of a new recovery, great therapy, and a longer, loving life.

 - Danette Koehl
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