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Ariel, a dachshund who is almost six, was a stray when she arrived at Nevada Humane Society Carson City earlier this month. Right away, the staff noticed something different—Ariel had no use of her back legs. Nevada Human Society’s vet team say it isn’t a new condition and that Ariel has probably been like this for some time. No one came forward to claim Ariel, and she wasn’t microchipped. She acts completely normal and her resilience is strong. Knowing surgery wasn’t an option and that her quality of life was good, Nevada Humane Society ordered a wheelchair, size XXS, and it arrived Friday afternoon. Ariel was fitted to the chair, and then, as everyone watched, she raced down the hallway like she had been doing this for years. Her tail wagged nonstop, expressing the joy of her newfound freedom. Ariel can now get around normally.
 - Nevada Humane Society
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