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Zeus is our 7-year-old Welsh corgi. He has always had a zest for life up until Sunday, March 19th of 2017. He woke not being able to walk. He would take a few steps and fall on his left side. My husband and I diligently watched him throughout the day and became concerned when he showed signs of pain. I spent hours researching and calling the vets to find that he ruptured a disk. We watched videos on YouTube on how to make a wheelchair and we successfully made one but it turned out too small for him. I spent more time looking for one to purchase and came across Best Friend Mobility. They have the most reasonable prices. We were so happy once the wheelchair arrived and he could again keep up with our other dogs and play. Thank you. Sincerely,
 - The Yaklin Family Sean, Gina, Sarah, Zeus, Rose, R
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