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Loki was barely 3 years old when he suffered a herniated disc in his back. He was also given an uncertain diagnosis of a non-infectious meningiomyelitis from a neurologist in Calgary, Alberta. He had surgery to fix the slipped disc but treatments for his possible autoimmune conditions were unsuccessful and his family is trying alternative treatments. In August 2016, Loki lost all strength in his hind legs, became very wobbly, and was unable to walk properly, dragging his hind end behind him to get around. He has a few remissions and fallbacks since then and now seems somewhat stable but without the use of his hind legs. He received his wheelchair from Best Friend Mobility and took to it right away. Within minutes, he was playing fetch again and running around the yard with a big smile on his face. Loki’s wheelchair gave him back some of his independence and mobility that a sling does not offer. His family would like people in similar situations to know that just because a pet’s life has changed with a handicap, that doesn’t mean their life is over. Loki is very loved and happy, and will hopefully continue this way for a long time to come.
 - Rachel, Robert, and Patricia
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