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I purchased the chair on behalf of my father-in-law, Robert, owner of Chester. Robert is retired and an avid caravan user at Skipsea on the east coast during the spring/summer months along with his wife Christine and dog Chester. Chester was an extremely fit dog and loved having approximately 3-4 dog walks a day up until late 2016 when he began to struggle standing up, getting stiff on his back legs. In January 2017, he was diagnosed by the vet of having Canine Degenerative Myelopathy, causing Chester progressive paralysis in his back legs. And though it’s not a painful disease, it stopped him standing up and walking under his own steam. Robert did fear the worst at the time but the vet mentioned that there were dog wheelchairs on the market now and available online as the vet agreed that Chester was exceptionally healthy and would benefit from one of these chairs. Robert perused the internet and found your company. The chair has done more for Chester and Robert than we could possibly have dreamed. Chester has a new lease on life and Robert is still able to take Chester on the designated dog walk at the mill farm caravan site Skipsea where Chester has become a bit of a celebrity.
 - Christian
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