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Shadow came in to our lives in 2004 as a rambunctious 8-week-old puppy. She got her name because she followed us and her sister, Pepper, everywhere. Her full name is Peppers Shadow. In 2015 we noticed she was having some trouble with her back legs. So, off to the vet we went where we were advised that she has degenerative disk disorder. The vet said she does not show signs of pain or suffering. Since she has completely lost the use of her back legs without some sort of support, and in order to give her a better quality of life, we ordered her a SitGo wheelchair. She is back to her old self and once again wherever you go you are sure to find this lovable pug right under your feet. As you can see, Shadow doesn’t even know she is in a wheelchair trying to get into her bed to lay down. We are looking to upgrade her wheels to a quad as her front is starting to lose strength. Thank you Best Friend Mobility for giving her a chance to be herself again.
 - Debra and John Austin
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