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Diablo was a rescue puppy. He was found in a harness tied to a chewed-through rope. He also had a torn ear at the time. He got his name because we had a family car trip planned from Los Angeles down the length of Baja, Mexico, and so a Spanish name seemed fitting. He had been o Alaska twice, as well as many other long car trips. On one of the trips, we would try to find a swimming hole for the dogs every day. We have another lab mix as well that travels with us. Diablo first hurt his knee running through snow. Age and arthritis took their toll. He finally got to the point where we couldn’t be sure he could get all the way around the block anymore when on a walk. He always wanted to go though, so we got him a SitGo. We used it on “bad” days that he had a harder time getting around. The SitGo made his last few months happier than they would have been otherwise. He made it to 13 years old. We are keeping the SitGo for our other Labrador, Dozer, who is about nine months older than Diablo was. Dozer, too, is getting weak in the hips. Thank you for helping keep Diablo happy and active longer than would have otherwise been possible.
 - Greg, Anne, and Chico
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