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Bananas came into the family as a Christmas gift for our son when he was four years old. She’s now 12 years old and hip problems have limited her mobility and caused her hind legs to get weaker in the last year or so. It got so bad that we had to get a harness to hold her up when walking her. The vet encouraged us to walk her more but it was tough to hold her up for very long, so Bananas couldn’t get much exercise and her legs got weaker. We ordered the Best Friend Mobility wheelchair and as soon as we buckled her into it, she headed off across the yard with no trouble. She was able to take longer walks and spend time outside which she loves. After a couple of months of walking with the help of the wheelchair she has built her strength back up and now she’s able to take short walks without it. Thank you for providing a product that has given our best friend a new lease on life.
 - The Hawkins Family
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