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We picked out Kendall the Dog at the shelter 12 years ago at 6 months; we figured it was meant to be because my husband is also named Kendell–since termed Kendell the Man. We were told he probably had hip dysplasia. For the past 12 years, he’s been just a joy to have around: gentle, funny, sociable, protective and active! We live on Lake Superior and his favorite thing is going to the beach! He even learned to be a good swimmer. So, last October, when his back legs stopped him from standing up, we thought it was the end. We grieved for about a week; then we noticed that aside from needing help standing, he was his same old personality, healthy otherwise. So, we set out to get him some ‘assistive devices’ and learned a lot! Along with this cart, he wears a front and back harness that enables us to assist his movements. As you can see in the video, he got to the beach! It’s good exercise and mentally stimulating when he uses it. 5 months later, we are still enjoying his company and appreciate every single day.
 - Mary and Kendell the Man
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