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Brooklyn (a.k.a. BooBooDog) picked me. I had provided transport to the shelter for the surrender of an abandoned cat. While my friend was filling out the paperwork, I wandered the halls looking at dogs. I had adopted my first dog less than a year prior and wasn’t planning on another but this sweet girl was determined I was taking her home. She was about six months old and based on her paperwork it looked like she had a rough start in life. After returning to the shelter a couple of times and taking my dog to meet her it was clearly a great match and I brought her home. She was the perfect dog. She loved all people and animals. Kids were extra special to BooBoo. In her later years she started to have back end problems and limited mobility. After trying acupuncture, chiropractic care and laser therapy, I purchased the Best Friends Mobility Cart. She loved her walks and it had gotten to the point that she could only go to the end of the block and back. Her cart blessed her with longer walks. We only used it for a few months as we had to say goodbye to her almost two weeks after her 15th birthday on August 1st. It brought an old dog some happiness and I’m so glad I found it.
 - Danielle
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