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My lovely Stubby was the first born to a litter I had in 2007. From the very beginning when she popped out I truly knew she was going to be a very special girl. So because I expected not to have another litter, and my cousin Peggy had always expressed an interest in a boxer, my cousin decided to take her. When my cousin took her we agreed that if for some reason she would be unable to care for her, she would return her to me. They only had one year together until my cousin was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Stubby gave her the most loving companionship that Peggy needed during the final year of her life. Because of this, when Stubby came back to me she needed lots and lots of love and attention. I took her everywhere with me: to our cabin, to car shows, visitations at nursing homes, etc. She was even our greeter at our annual family/friend Christmas Party too. She did everything with me. She had a great desire to be right by my side, always wanting to be right in the middle of everything. She loved to be around people and people loved her. In September of 2017 her gait began showing signs of wobbling and lameness. We had visited our vet and was immediately directed to a diagnostic emergency facility for more evaluation. At that time they indicated she had bone cancer and had found a lump near her spinal cord. This did not slow her down, although her hindquarters became totally unusable. But her personality and alertness were never affected by this disability. She would manage to drag herself to us no matter where we were. That is when we found and purchased your cart. She adjusted immediately to the cart and she continued to follow us wherever we went. She no longer had a disability that was holding her back! The cart was so light in weight and easy to manage. In fact, I don’t think she even knew the cart was helping her. She continued to live life the way she always did and with ease. The cart provided her with the flexibility to follow me everywhere! I was so grateful for the extended quality of life she had because of the cart. Unfortunately, we lost her on March 5th 2018 – just a week after her 11th birthday. But I would do it all over again and I highly recommend the cart to anyone who has a need to assist their precious pets at any age and regardless of the circumstances. They are so affordable and the cart gave our precious Stubby the freedom she so was used to and more comfortable final months. My girl Stubby is now the poster child on my Facebook page and will forever be in my heart. Thank you!
 - Sue
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