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This is Axl a.k.a. "Budsy." He is an 11 1/2-year-old brindle boxer. We got him as a 3-month-old puppy when we bought our first home. My husband and I don't have any kids, so our 2 boxers are our children and they are very spoiled! Axl and his best friend Ruby are such fun, loving, and well-behaved dogs. Over the years they both have had multiple surgeries to remove cancerous lumps. Unfortunately, the breed is susceptible to a handful of health issues. Right after Axl turned 10, one of the lumps grew back on his front right leg. After removal, the biopsy came back and showed that it was an aggressive cancer and that, even after multiple tests, they could not determine what type of cancer it was. We started him on a low dosage chemo pill to try and fight it. The vet stated he had approx 6-9 months to live. Two months after we started him on the chemo, we discovered blood in his urine. After successfully treating that condition, he started showing signs of degenerative myelopathy. At first his back legs would get tripped up and now it's progressed so much that his back legs do not work at all. Despite his numerous ailments, Axl is still a happy dog and hanging in there! He continues to go to his vet every 3 months for checkups and is healthy enough to continue his medication. Eating is still his favorite thing to do next to being in his back yard. We bought him the wheelchair cart to try and help give him mobility so he can continue exploring his back yard. Although he cannot try to catch any rabbits or groundhogs anymore, he can still get around and have some fun!
 - Amber and Dave
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