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Pastor was a competent shepherd dog for 10 years and served our family and flocks with joy and a sense of loyalty and responsibility you will rarely find in humans. This SERRA DA ESTRELA (Portuguese big breed) stood by my side for a whole night defending me from wildlife and keeping me warm after I bumped my head on a boulder during one of my seizures and passed out. It was thanks to his diligence and constant barking that a search party found me the next dawn, freezing and bleeding in the middle of the woods. I read a lot of reviews in your site, often about company dogs. Pets whose only job is to keep their owners company and bring some joy to their lives. Pastor was not a pet, he was a working dog, and in 10 years of remarkable dedication, he earned his place in the canine wall of honour with flying colours. After 10 years, he became ill with genetic hip wear. That's when we felt the obligation to care for him and pay in kind and love those years of hard work and unconditional fidelity. About 40 years ago my father made a makeshift walking chair for another dog. Unfortunately I didn't inherit his expertise and so I found myself searching for an apparatus that would allow Pastor to keep some quality of life and let him take an occasional walk with the rest of the pack, since attending to the flock was no longer an option. I will forever be grateful to BFM for allowing us to share some unforgettable moments of joy and companionship in the last few years of his life and for giving me and this best friend of mine the opportunity to enjoy some well deserved walks and play time. Thanks to your contraption he maintained dignity and the respect of the pack until the day we were forced to put an end to his constant suffering. In the last walk with his BFM, some minutes before receiving his final prescription, he still tried to bark and run after his son who was neglecting his guard duties.
 - Vitor
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