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Our old collie Tia is 14 and has developed muscle wastage in one of her back legs and is finding it hard to get around and her walks are getting shorter and shorter, this has put so many thoughts through our minds and would we need to make the dreaded decision that all pet owners have to make at some point! Are we are being cruel to her keeping her going like this? However she is still happy in herself and does not seem to be in any pain, this is when we looked on the Best Friends mobility web site and we are so glad we did, as dog owners we didn't realise there was so many products for dogs with various mobility problems. We opted to get the medium mobility cart after looking at the size guide and the various videos on the website showing different dogs using the product and also the video of how to construct the cart, we also read several reviews from other owners and these made up our minds, the cart came within a week and once it was assembled, which took about tops of 40mins we decided to introduce it to Tia and she wasn't fazed by it at all and it's as if she knew they would help her out, so once we figured out how was the easiest way to get her into the cart we decided to let her venture outside the front door for a bit and she took to them like a duck to water and this made us both very happy as we didn't know if she would take to them, since having the mobility cart and on various walks we have had some very nice comments and questions from other dog owners, when out with Tia it is also nice for others to see that there are products out there for dogs with mobility problems and how well they can get on with them, I would like to thank Best Friends mobility severely for giving my old Tia a new lease of life and for her now enjoying her walks once again, thank you.
 - Matthew
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