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Benny is a Dachshund mix and is about 7 years old. Up until four months ago, he lived outside. From what we've learned, he was hit by a car at least 4 years ago and was left untreated. Three years ago he dragged himself up to a house where an elderly man lived. The man fed Benny until he passed away. Benny then dragged himself up the road again and was found in a kind woman's driveway. She was able to get him to folks who help rescue and they, in turn, got him to HEART. Benny is an exceptionally sweet dog! He can get around great and is very fast, even without a wheelchair. He has some issues with incontinence and must wear a belly band indoors, but outdoors he scoots around or runs around (depending on if he's in his wheelchair or not). He has quickly picked up using the SitGo wheelchair and is getting better about pushing up with his front legs from a "down" position. As he practices with the chair, we expect him to be an expert in no time.

 - HEART Pet Rescue
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