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Dear Best Friend Mobility, this email is to inform you of how deeply grateful I am for finding your product. It has made a profound difference in Buddy’s day-to-day lifestyle. We went back and forth if the investment was worth the return due to Buddy’s age and the unknown if he would accept it. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. I would recommend this product to any and all pet owners that are faced with your dog having mobility issues. Please use these videos as testimonial on how it has made a difference for Buddy.

Briefly, Buddy is 14 years old and recently suffered from Myelomalacia, a ruptured disc. He has been able to move around a few rooms but it has become very limited. Buddy has gone out on a walk every morning for 14 years. Recently, he could barely make it out the door before he was turning around to come back inside. My wife and I decided to purchase your product, praying that it would help. Well, the video speaks a thousand words. 

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