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Do Disabled Dogs Need Dog Shoes?

Are dog shoes really necessary? Many pet owners are buying dog shoes for their pets, believing it essential as it gives their pet’s paws added protection. Others question the trend. There are those who feel that dog shoes are just fashion accessories imposed on dogs by their owners. For disabled dogs, this question becomes even more important.

For dogs that can stand and walk normally on all four legs, the need for dog shoes may depend on the environment they live in. The terrain and weather may make dog shoes necessary. With extreme temperatures, floor surfaces, as well as slippery and muddy ground, it may make some sense.

It may be even more necessary for disabled pets. Because of the challenges that disabled dogs have to live with on a daily basis, dog shoes may be a necessity for most of them. Below are some of the benefits of dog shoes for disabled dogs.

  1. It can help prevent slips and falls – Dog shoes are usually designed with non-slip soles. This gives disabled dogs added support and stability when standing, keeping their legs from slipping apart.
  2. It gives better traction – The non-slip nature of dog shoes also helps give disabled dogs a better grip on the walking surface, especially while in a wheelchair. This is especially helpful when they are walking on smooth and slippery floors.
  3. It gives added leg support – Many dog shoes are also designed to wrap around and support the paw joint area.
  4. It prevents scrapes and wounds – This is the most common advantage of dog shoes. Since most disabled dogs tend to drag their non-mobile limbs behind them, this can result in scrapes and cuts on the skin and damage to the nails. This is especially worse for active dogs that need to run around, with or without their wheelchair. Wearing dog shoes helps protect the paws as they drag them on the floor.
  5. It helps in the healing process – For dogs recovering from surgery or undergoing physical therapy, using dog shoes helps in the recovery process. This is because the shoes give them added support during therapy.


Choosing the right dog shoes

Not all dog shoes are created equal, however. In choosing the right dog shoes for your disabled dog, check the following:

  1. Comfort – Make sure the material is comfortable. We wouldn’t want something that’s supposed to prevent scrapes cause more of it. Make sure that it fits your dog snugly, but not too tight, which can impede or cut off circulation. This is a bad thing.
  2. Non-slip – Check that the paw area really does not slip easily. Test in on a smooth surface that would normally make items slide on the surface. Make sure that it actually grips.
  3. Support – Look for dog shoes that not only prevents scrapes, but also helps support their legs. Most dog shoes gives support to the paw joint area, but others are also designed to support the mid-leg area.
  4. Waterproof – it may also help to look for dog shoes made of waterproof material so that you won’t have a problem if your dog walks on wet surfaces.

These are just some advantages and use of dog shoes, especially for disabled dogs. We hope this helps you in taking better care of your disabled pals.



This article was published on Thursday 07 June, 2018.
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