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Our Inspirations

This page is dedicated to pets that continue to inspire us despite their disabilities.

Taking care of our handicapped pets isn’t easy but that's no reason to give up. With love and support, our pets' lives can still be filled with fun activities and play.

Here at Best Friend Mobility, we're doing our best to make things a little bit easier through our products and through sharing stories and support.

Meet out latest heroes—both of the four- and two-legged variety.




We’ve had Roxy from a puppy of six weeks old. We have had the best years of our lives with Roxy; she is our family princess. Roxy has been to Cornwall, UK on holidays and paddled in the sea. Roxy has run alongside daddy on his mountain bike through forests and woods. Roxy is now nearly 12 years old and had been as fit as a butcher’s dog until these last 6 months, where her arthritis and spinal chord problems have slowly led to her unable to use her hind legs. In the house, she slides around everywhere on wooden floors. We purchased a mobility chair for Roxy and it has enabled her to for walks out now to her favourite parks and trails. The fuss Roxy gets in her mobility chair is unbelievable. She is loving all of it. The mobility chair is a second lease of life for Roxy and has been a blessing.

-James, Yvette, Blay, Ace xx






Sirius was a stray that showed up on our doorstep 8 years ago. We felt bad for her and initially had decided to let her stay in our 1-acre fenced-in back yard. Of course, it wasn’t long before she became an inside dog and joined became a full-fledged member of the family. 

In December of 2016, Sirius was out enjoying the backyard as she usually did. That evening I called for her to come inside for the night but she did not ever come. I was afraid that she may have found a way out of the fenced-in yard. I put on my shoes and walked out into the yard to look for her. I quickly found her sitting in the yard. I kept calling but she would only drag her rear end across the grass and whine. We took her to the vet early the next morning and they sent us to an emergency vet for x-rays and further testing. Months later we still have no real answer as to what actually has caused her paralysis. She has regained use of one of her rear legs. The other rear leg has little to no use. She continues physical therapy and we still hold hope that she will regain some use of that leg as well. In the meantime, our Best Friend Mobility wheelchair has been a godsend helping Sirius regain some of her mobility and keep her active. She loves being able to get out and move through the yard freely again.

-The Yohn Family





Loki was only barely 3 years old when he suffered a herniated disc in his back. He was also given an uncertain diagnosis of non-infectious meningiomyelitis from a neurologist in Calgary, Alberta. He had surgery to fix the slipped disc but treatments for his possible autoimmune condition were unsuccessful and his family is currently trying alternative treatments. 

In August 2016, Loki lost all strength in his hind legs, became very wobbly, and was unable to walk properly, dragging his hind end behind him to get around. He had a few remissions and fallbacks since then and now seems somewhat stable but without the use of his hind legs. He received his wheelchair from Best Friend Mobility in December and took to it right away. Within minutes, he was playing fetch again and running around the yard with a big smile on his face. Loki's wheelchair gave him back some of his independence and mobility that a sling does not offer. His family would like people in similar situations to know that just because a pet's life has changed with a handicap, that doesn't mean their life is over.  Loki is very loved and happy, and will hopefully continue this way for a long time to come.

-Rachel, Robert, and Patricia





Molly is a 13.5-year-old pug who lost the ability to use her back legs approximately 8 months ago. We decided to get her a dog wheelchair to see if it would help. Since using the cart she is now able to stand, eat and drink, and walk around the house. In her cart, her tail is always wagging (something we haven't seen in a long time) and believe she is very happy. Using the cart has also helped strengthen her legs and she's able to stand again on her own without the cart. We are overall very happy with the purchase and would do it again in a heartbeat!

-Jeffrey and Brenda







Ariel, a Daschund who is almost six, was a stray when she arrived at Nevada Humane Society Carson City earlier this month. Right away, the staff noticed something different—Ariel had no use of her back legs. Nevada Humane Society’s vet team say it isn’t a new condition and that Ariel has probably been like this for some time.
No one came forward to claim Ariel, and she wasn’t microchipped. She acts completely normal and her resilience is strong. Knowing surgery wasn’t an option and that her quality of life was good, Nevada Humane Society ordered a wheelchair, size XXS, and it arrived Friday afternoon. Ariel was fitted to the chair, and then, as everyone watched, she raced down the hallway like she had been doing this for years. Her tail wagged nonstop, expressing the joy of her newfound freedom. Ariel can now get around normally.

-Nevada Humane Society





Whisky is our two and a half-year-old Beagle-Pekingese mix. On Valentine's Day, we took Whisky and his sister, River, sledding. Running and romping, he herniated a disc in his lower back. He walked home just fine but hours later, we noticed he had trouble walking, collapsed, and then started dragging his legs behind himself. Not able to afford surgery, we looked into every option we could. We found the Best Friend Mobility SitGo and knew we found his best opportunity. This video is of his first time in his wheels, his new nickname has become Whisky Wheels. He's our little lowrider hotrod.


-Desirea and Erny







Bruiser is an 11- year-old Belgian Shepherd & Boxer mix. We took him to the vets to be told he has a brain tumor, which is why he loses his balance and his legs don't work the way they should. He also has arthritis in the spine. We were told that he wasn't in any pain, so I had seen your dog wheels and how they have helped and thought what a great idea. Bruiser just loves his wheels and he has been able to walk and play again. He is such a happier boy. I am so glad I got them for him. 






Gus is an 11-year-old basset hound. He enjoys doing what all hound dogs do—sniffing out trouble! Gus suffered a back injury where he lost all movement in his back legs. He became visibly depressed over the course of about a week due to his immobility. The family vet was not optimistic about Gus regaining use of his legs again and was also not confident that surgery would be effective. He was still able to tell us when he had to go outside and was also eating and drinking.

We decided we would try rehabilitation instead. We ordered him a set of dog "wheelies" (as we called them). His mood immediately changed and he was able to navigate the world on his own again. Through two months of rehabilitation and the use of the Best Friend Mobility chair over the course of two months, Gus is able to walk on his own unassisted. My family and Gus would recommend Best Friend Mobility to any dog who had suffered a back injury!

-Scott, Roxy, Jonathon, and Paisley





Tinkerbell is a 13-year-old Chihuahua who was unable to walk for nearly 3 months. She was brought to the vet numerous times regarding her back and how much pain she was in. She was unable to go down the stairs to go outside so we would have to carry her outside and hold her up to potty.

Once we got your wheelchair she was more comfortable with moving around and was able to start walking after 2 weeks. It was a blessing to have the wheelchair or we may have had to make a decision we were not ready to make for her safety and quality of her life.

-Tom and Barb Jones









Tex is my beautiful best friend of 9.5 years. He was given to me as a puppy so have never been 100% what actual breed he is, but there would have to be a working dog in there.

We have run thousands of kilometers together over the years due to my love of running and the beach and we've barely missed a day. Most days running morning and night and active all weekend with me. He has lots of human and dog friends all over the place.

So it was completely heartbreaking and traumatic when Tex had a freak accident running for a ball while I was working away. His spinal cord was swollen with fluid leading to paralysis in his back legs, loss of sensation and the ability to walk, run or jump.

As such an active dog, I grieved for him and had no idea what to do when my friend bought Tex a cart with harness and wheels and we haven't looked back.

It's been 2.5 months and he has adapted so well he has movement and feeling back in his legs although he cannot hold his weight so future is still unclear. At this stage, though, he is truly happy running in his cart along the beach and into the ocean. Good to see him happy in a difficult time.







Dear Best Friend Mobility,

This email is to inform you of how deeply grateful I am for finding your product. It has made a profound difference in Buddy's day to day lifestyle. We went back and forth if the investment was worth the return due to Buddy's age and the unknown if he would accept it. We couldn't be more satisfied with the results. I would recommend this product to any and all  pet owner that are faced with your dog having mobility issues. Please use these videos as testimonial on how it has made a difference for Buddy. 
Briefly , Buddy is 14 years old and recently suffered from Myelomalacia, a ruptured disc. He has been able to move around a few rooms but is has become very limited. Buddy has gone out on a walk every morning for 14 years. recently he could barely make it out the door before he was turning around to come back inside. My wife and I decided to purchase your product, praying that it would help. 
Well the video speaks a thousands words
-Sonny Adams







This gentle soul is available for adoption in the Raleigh, NC area! If someone is interested in adopting him, they can fill out our application online at


Cassie and Debbie

Cassie a.k.a Mutt Face and her lovely human, Debbie.