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Gus is an 11-year-old basset hound. He enjoys doing what all hound dogs do—sniffing out trouble! Gus suffered a back injury where he lost all movement in his back legs. He became visibly depressed over the course of about a week due to his immobility. The family vet was not optimistic about Gus regaining the use of his legs again and was also not confident that surgery would be effective. He was still able to tell us when he had to go outside and was also eating and drinking. We decided we would try rehabilitation instead. We ordered him a set of dog “wheelies” (as we called them). His mood immediately changed and he was able to navigate the world on his own again. Through 2 months of rehabilitation and the use of the Best Friend Mobility chair, Gus is able to walk on his own unassisted. My family and Gus would recommend Best Friend Mobility to any dog who has suffered a back injury!
 - Scott, Roxy, and Paisley
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