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Pro Rear Support Wheelchair Large

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Easier. Quicker. Friendlier

Welcome the Best Friend Mobility Pro Rear Support Wheelchair. The new Best Friend Mobility Pro has all the improved features of our standard rear support wheelchairs plus the easier, quicker, and friendlier knob screws for no-tools-required adjustments.

Whether out faithful buds are recuperating from injury, going through post-surgery rehab, or have rear leg weakness due to various debilitating conditions, Best Friend Mobility is here to provide our friends with that bit of support that will allow them to continue living the fullest, most active lives possible.


Best Friend Mobility has designed a superior Pro Model dog wheelchair is the culmination of over 10 years of research, development, and trial and error feedback from real pets and their humans.


Our lightweight frame, with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, fiberglass, and glass filled polymers, keeps your pet stable while providing superior maneuverability. Now, with the Best Friend Mobility PRO, height, width, and length adjustment is even easier for an even better customized fit.


Give the gift of movement. Our mobility carts benefit dogs with: arthritis, neurological problems, fractured spine/back, amputees, ligamentous injuries like PCL or ACL, thoracic or lumbar disc injury, hip dysplasia, or any condition resulting in rear leg pain or weakness, while still retaining normal front leg strength.


All-terrain dense wheels for smooth travel, adjustable deluxe shoulder harness, and padded rear harness ensures a comfortable ride and no chafing.


Our pet wheelchairs fold flat so they’re easy to carry, to load into a car, and to store. All parts are washable and easy to clean.


• Superior comfort: rear and shoulder harnesses made with materials that won’t pinch or chafe your pet

• Perfect fit: easily adjustable height, length, and width for a customized fit

• Convenient: easy to store, transport, and clean

• Excellent mobility: durable, lightweight frame, and dense wheels great for all terrains

• Recommended by K9 experts

The Best Friend Mobility PRO is good for:

  • Multiple breeds, our size options and easy adjustability make it a great choice for pets across a wide range of sizes.
  • Pets with:
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Arthritis
    • Nuerological problems like Osteomyelitis or Degenerative Myelopathy
    • Fractured spine/back
    • Ligamentous injury like PCL or ACL
    • Thoracic or Lumbar disc injury
  • Rehabilitation
  • Rear limb amputees
  • Any other condition that results in rear leg pain or weakness

Your pet should have normal front leg strength to use this cart

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