3 Ways To Provide Your Aging Pet the Support They Need

Owning a pet can be a rewarding experience, providing years of pleasant memories and cherished times you can carry with you for the rest of your life. However, their golden years come quicker than expected. Providing senior animals with the best care possible can make their aging more comfortable. Here are some ways to offer your aging pets the support they need for a tranquil golden era.

Schedule Regular Vet Visits

When your pet reaches their senior years, it’s necessary to ensure they’re in good health. Scheduling regular vet appointments can help you catch changes in their health. As animals age, their immune systems weaken, so checking for early signs of age-related illnesses is crucial. Vets often check for white and red blood cells and liver and kidney functionality, so regular checkups will help you monitor your pet’s health.

Keep Your Pet Active

While your pet may slow down and become more relaxed as they age, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy having fun. Keep your pet active to maintain muscle mass and bone strength, which can prevent future injuries.

Aside from mobility training, you can give them brain-stimulating toys and treats to keep their minds sharp. Puzzle toys and snuffle mats are a couple of things you can easily incorporate into their daily lives—they get a mental workout and delicious treats at the same time!

Offer Specialty Accommodations

Aging pets often undergo various lifestyle changes; they can’t move around as quickly anymore, aren’t as hungry as they used to be, and can develop mobility issues along the way. One way to support your aging pet is to make special accommodations inside and outside your home to make their lives easier.

If your senior pet has mobility limitations, such as joint problems and arthritis, easily accessible bedding can help them feel comfortable without jumping. Furthermore, animal mobility equipment, such as lifting harnesses, wheelchairs, and slings, can help them move around without pain or stress.

At Best Friend Mobility, we understand your pet’s physical obstacles. Our high-quality mobility equipment can help your pets stay active and happy and carry on with daily fun. Our quad wheelchairs for dogs provide full body support to get your pooch where they need to go. Ask about our mobility tools and equipment today for more information.