5 Dog Breeds That Are Prone to Mobility Issues

Dogs are not only adorable and fun to have around, but they’re also perfect for being there in your time of need. But, some breeds need help as they age and rely on you for comfort. So, here are five dog breeds prone to mobility issues, so you’re prepared for their needs.


Dachshunds are immediately recognizable; their short, stocky legs, incredibly long torsos, and pointed faces can make anyone’s heart melt. However, because of their low, long torsos, they can experience back problems as they age. It can become more prominent if a Dachshund weighs more than it should, so avoiding excessive back and neck strain is crucial to reduce spinal issues.

Saint Bernards

When it comes to an oversized, fluffy companion who loves to sit in your lap, look no further than the Saint Bernard breed for comfort. Because of their large size and fast-growing bodies, they can develop joint stress that leads to elbow and hip dysplasia, along with arthritis. So, Saint Bernard owners must monitor their pup’s diet to reduce risks.

German Shepherds

German shepherds have confident, loyal personalities and a protective nature to help keep their owners happy and safe. However, German shepherds have a predisposition to developing hip dysplasia and joint issues such as arthritis. You can prevent the severity of joint and hip problems with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Golden Retrievers

Another dog breed prone to mobility issues is the loyal and best-known companion, the golden retriever. Even with their adorably smiley faces and deep need to please their human owners, the breeds can develop hip dysplasia. Left untreated, it can cause muscle atrophy, leading to signs of pain and behavioral shifts in these active dogs.


Despite their strong stature and impressively protective nature, Rottweilers are no strangers to mobility issues. They have a genetic predisposition to developing arthritis, along with elbow and hip dysplasia. Furthermore, they are more prone to osteochondritis dissecans, which is a malformation in joint cartilage.

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