Recognizing Signs of Mobility Issues in Cats
Whether you just brought a new kitten home or recently adopted one from a shelter, cats with mobility issues can struggle with living simple lives and doing the things they love. Here are signs of mobility issues in cats that you should recognize.

Cat Mobility Issue Causes

Many factors can contribute to cat mobility issues. Some aspects, including injuries, obesity, and arthritis, are a couple of examples that can make walking and moving around a struggle.


As cats age, arthritis can develop, leading to joint pain and inflammation. While spotting arthritis in cats isn’t blatantly obvious, monitoring their behavior changes, like a slower motion and struggling to jump, may be indicators of stiffness and joint pain. So, monitor your cat’s movement as they grow into their double-digit years to look for signs of mobility changes.


Obesity is another component of cat mobility and other health issues. Excessive weight can put a tremendous amount of strain on the cat’s muscles and joints, making it difficult to move about. Watch your cat’s activity level and food intake and adjust accordingly to help them maintain their weight.


One common cause of cat mobility issues is an injury. Some injuries, such as sprains, broken bones, and muscle strains, can dramatically impact a cat’s mobility. Furthermore, they can develop issues in their spinal cords later in life, resulting in leg weakness and paralysis.

Signs of Cat Mobility Issues

There are different cat mobility issue signs you should recognize throughout their life. Some symptoms include reluctance to play, difficulty relieving itself, stiffness or limping, avoiding stairs, struggling to climb or jump, and behavioral changes. If you notice these symptoms in your cat, take them to a veterinarian for a medical diagnosis.

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