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XLarge Dog Wheelchair (factory refurb)

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Heavy Duty and Lightweight XL Aluminum Doggy Wheelchair From Best Friend Mobility

This Extra Large Dog Wheelchair, and this cart is made to fit 98% of dogs.

For a limited time we are giving away a free sports harness with every large dog wheelchair. Your wheelchair will include the standard deluxe neoprene harness, and the advanced sports harness. The sports harness was engineered for high performance, and is better for swimming, running, and going to the bathroom.

Sports HarnessComfort Harness

Made from lightweight and aluminum non-rust alloy with all terrain pneumatic wheels and waterproof sealed swiss bearings.

Width (top): 12.5"-15.5" (adjustable)

Width (bottom with wheels): 21.5"-24.0" (adjustable)

Length: 29"-34.5" (adjustable)

Height: 25"-18" (adjustable)


  • Lightweight adjustable aluminum frame (non-rust)
  • Non-rust stainless hardware
  • Deluxe neoprene front and rear harness for complete comfort
  • Designed and tested by K9 Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Easy to adjust height and length with hex wrench
  • Pet can use the cart for assisted walking or full rear leg support with no rear leg weight bearing
  • Allows pet to use the bathroom while in cart
  • All terrain pnuematic wheels with sealed bearings
  • Easy clip on function of the rear and front harness

This cart is good for:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nuerological problems like osteomyelitis or degenerative myelopathy
  • Fractured spine/back
  • Rear limb amputee
  • Ligamentous injury like PCL or ACL
  • Thoracic or Lumbar disc injury
  • Any other condition that results in rear leg pain or weakness
  • Your pet should have normal front leg strength to use this cart

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