3 Things To Know About Scoliosis in Dogs

Many dogs have health predispositions that can hinder their activity and mood. Canine scoliosis, for example, is where the spine has an abnormal curve that can cause the spinal cord to compress or pinch. This curvature in the spine can be congenital or the result of spinal trauma.

While scoliosis can cause neurological symptoms and pain, most pets with scoliosis live pain-free, normal lives. However, if you suspect your dog has scoliosis, here are three things to know.

Signs of Scoliosis

A handful of signs can help determine spinal issues in your pup. Some symptoms include difficulty getting up when lying down, back pain from touching or petting, visible spinal curve, lack of vertebrae muscle support, and unwillingness to play or move. While some pets don’t experience physical discomfort with scoliosis, health problems can occur with severe spinal curvature.

The Occurrence of Canine Scoliosis

Something to know about canine scoliosis is that it is uncommon. Not many dogs have it, but it can still happen. Not only are dogs and humans at risk of scoliosis, but it can also occur in horses and cats.

Treating Canine Scoliosis

If your pooch has mild scoliosis, it won’t need treatment. But, if the dog experiences pain, then back braces, NSAIDS, and crate rest can help it relax while stabilizing the spine. Stabilization or decompression surgery can help straighten the spine and ease pain in more severe cases.

Early intervention and diagnosis can prevent scoliosis from progressing to needing surgery. If you want to help keep your pooch moving after surgery or with physical rehab, you can invest in a dog wheelchair to help your dog move around without the risk of further injury.

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