Signs Your Dog Could Benefit From Joint Support Products

As a pet owner, you strive to ensure that your furry friend lives a long and happy life. It’s up to you to decide how you want to improve their well-being and support them from their puppy years to their senior years.

However, when you have a dog that lives with mobility issues, underwent surgery, or is starting to slow down, you want them to enjoy themselves as much as possible without experiencing discomfort. So, here are signs that your pooch could benefit from joint support products.

Limb Favoring or Limping

When you spend time with your dog, you play fetch, go on walks, and do any activity to get their bodies moving. However, excessive exercise puts force on their joints, and planting and pivoting movements can cause damage to different joints, which can later result in negative consequences.

If your pooch has started to limp or favor a limb as they move around, it’s a sign that your dog may need some joint assistance. Look for limb favoring when they change direction and if they start walking with a slight limp. You also want to monitor their hind legs, especially if one leg has no issues while the other is more delicate.

Breed-Prone Joint Issues

Whether your favorite dog breeds are pugs or greyhounds, it’s necessary to know any underlying health issues associated with the breed. Common breeds with mobility issues include chow chows, golden retrievers, Saint Bernards, German shepherds, basset hounds, and Great Danes. As they age, monitor their mobility for signs that they could benefit from joint support products.

Trouble Moving Up and Down

One concrete sign that your pooch may need mobility assistance is if they struggle to get up and down. It could result from joint issues, whether they’re struggling to get up and down the stairs, moving to and from furniture, or even getting off the floor. In addition, constantly lying down, sitting, and lethargy are signs that your pet may be experiencing pain.

If your pooch lives with a disability, reached its golden years, or recently underwent surgery, using a dog wheelchair can help get them where they need to go. At Best Friend Mobility, we offer high-quality full-support dog wheelchairs to give your pooch some extra help to get them moving again. Our wheelchairs work perfectly for furry companions with amputations, deformities, limb instability, advanced stages of degenerative myelopathy, and more. For more information, contact our team today.